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Webinar 22 June: Online workshop on cognitive accessibility

The workshop is part of a study funded by the European Commission on how persons with cognitive disabilities interact with digital information and services.

Recorded webinar 22 June 2021

Many people struggle with accessing and using websites and web-based services that are difficult to understand or navigate. However, the consequences of this lack of access are not always clear to those responsible for the websites nor to policymakers responsible for accessibility and inclusion policies.

This is why we would like to bring together end users with experiences of cognitive barriers on the web, researchers and experts on cognition for an online workshop on this topic. In the workshop we will exchange experiences and insights on what happens when websites are difficult to understand and what kinds of solutions can be put in place to overcome these problems.

The outcome of the workshop will inform the study in its effort to identify knowledge gaps and come up with practical proposals to improve independent and inclusive access to online content and services for everyone.

The workshop will start with a brief introduction of the study and initial findings. This will be followed by an interactive session where the participants will be invited to share reflections and experiences on the consequences of websites being difficult to understand and navigate.

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Funded by the European Commission

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